Ken Sakurada
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Ken Sakurada

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIRC)
Senior Researcher

Computer Vision Technical Fellow

Address: 2-4-7 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
  Email: sakurada.aist at
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I am a senior researcher at Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIRC), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) since April 2018. My general research interest lies in computer vision and robotics (SLAM, 4D Modeling).



OpenVSLAM: a Versatile Visual SLAM Framework
Shinya Sumikura, Mikiya Shibuya, Ken Sakurada
ACMMM2019, Open Source Software Competition (First Place)
[arXiv] [Github] [Video]


TriDepth: Triangular Patch-based Deep Depth Prediction
Masaya Kaneko, Ken Sakurada, Kiyoharu Aizawa
ICCVW2019 Deep Learning for Visual SLAM (Oral)
[arXiv] [Project] [Code] [Dataset]


Rare Event Detection using Disentangled Representation Learning
Ryuhei Hamaguchi, Ken Sakurada, Ryosuke Nakamura
CVPR 2019
[arXiv] [Code] [Dataset]


Weakly Supervised Silhouette-based Semantic Change Detection
Ken Sakurada
[arXiv] [Project] [Code] [Dataset]


Scale Estimation of Monocular SfM for a Multi-modal Stereo Camera
Shinya Sumikura, Ken Sakurada Nobuo Kawaguchi and Ryosuke Nakamura
ACCV 2018


Reflectance Intensity Assisted Automatic and Accurate Extrinsic Calibration of 3D LiDAR and Panoramic Camera Using a Printed Chessboard
Weimin Wang, Ken Sakurada and Nobuo Kawaguchi
Remote Sensing 2017, 9(8)
[Paper] [GitHub]


Filmy Cloud Removal on Satellite Imagery with Multispectral Conditional Generative Adversarial Nets
Kenji Enomoto, Ken Sakurada, Weimin Wang, Hiroshi Fukui, Masashi Matsuoka, Ryosuke Nakamura and Nobuo Kawaguchi
Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop (CVPRW) EARTHVISION 2017


Damage Detection from Aerial Images via Convolutional Neural Networks
Aito Fujita, Ken Sakurada, Tomoyuki Imaizumi, Riho Ito, Shuhei Hikosaka, Ryosuke Nakamura
IAPR International Conference on Machine Vision and Applications (MVA) 2017


Incremental and Enhanced Scanline-Based Segmentation Method for Surface Reconstruction of Sparse LiDAR Data
Weimin Wang, Ken Sakurada and Nobuo Kawaguchi
Remote Sensing 2016, 8(11)


Change Detection from a Street Image Pair using CNN Features and Superpixel Segmentation
Ken Sakurada and Takayuki Okatani
BMVC, 2015
[Paper] [Supplementary] [Bibtex(BIB)] [Dataset]


Massive City-scale Surface Condition Analysis using Ground and Aerial Imagery
Ken Sakurada, Takayuki Okatani and Kris M. Kiatani
ACCV, 2014 (Oral), "Best Application Paper Honorable Mention Award"
[Paper] [Bibtex(BIB)]


Detecting Changes in 3D Structure of a Scene from Multi-view Images Captured by a Vehicle-mounted Camera
Ken Sakurada, Takayuki Okatani and Koichiro Deguchi
CVPR, 2013
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